According to an Online Survey, Gary Johnson Is the Presidential Candidate Closest to My Views

I was trying to remember the name of the 2012 Presidential poll that determined that if people voted for the candidate they agreed with most on The Issues, Libertarian and 2-term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson would have won in a landslide over Barack Obama, with Mitt Romney barely registering a victory in a single state, if any.

The poll was a website called ISideWith. So much for Americans voting their conscience. Instead they are herded like the sheep they are over a cliff by our broken two-party system.

I had to scroll through pages and pages of Yahoo (powered by Google) search engine results to find this blog post, and now I’m going to follow this blog.

Of course, I was one of the 1%, the 1.3 million people who voted for my friends Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray for President and Vice President in 2012.

I am encouraging Gary to run in 2016 on the Libertarian ticket again, but he needs to win a number of court cases to get into the polls and debates. He also needs to raise $100M, and isn’t making much progress on approaching that figure.

International Liberty

About one year ago, I took an online quiz put together by the folks at Reason and discovered that Ron Paul was closest to my views.

Not that I was terribly surprised, though I confess that I don’t remember if Gary Johnson was part of the quiz. And, if so, whether there were any differences between him and Ron Paul.

Speaking of Gary Johnson, I just took a quiz at the ISideWith website and it tells me that Gary Johnson shares 97 percent of my views.

That’s not a big shock, but I was surprised that the poll says I’m more Republican than Libertarian.

Methinks the people who put together the poll must be high on crystal meth. Yes, I’m probably a bit more conservative than the average libertarian on issues like terrorism and immigration, but I’m a far, far stronger advocate of limited government than the…

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